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  • Double Herd Burger
  • King Trumpet Mushroom

Herd Provisions

About us

Herd Provisions is a neighborhood establishment providing the Wagener Terrace and surrounding communities of Charleston with a unique, innovative dining experience.

As the city's first true farm-to-table restaurant and whole-animal butcher shop, Herd Provisions came to be in an attempt to connect the community back to our food and the land from which it comes. Because before Herd, there was Leaping Waters Farm: 843 acres of bountiful green grass and flourishing land in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Alec Bradford began farming almost 15 years ago with a vision of what this restaurant would one day become: a place to celebrate sustainable, humanely raised food that is better for the land, animals, environment, community, and the consumer. We are delighted to provide you with not only the highest quality food, but also the traceability to and transparency of its origins.

At Herd Provisions we proudly serve Ancient White Park cattle, raised in the fertile mountain & valleys of southwest Virginia. They are one of the oldest and rarest breeds on the planet, first documented by the Roman Army during the Conquest of Britain in 43 AD, today they number 2400 worldwide. For 900 years they were "emparked" on four estates across Britain owned by the ruling royal family, where they were kept as a feral breed and hunted by nobility. King John I, upon tasting the loin of an Ancient White bull, was so enthused by its flavor that he drew his sword and knighted the piece of beef, dubbing it "Sirloin." Winston Churchill had ten cows and a bull sent to North America prior to the German Blitz, to avoid the possible extinction of the herd. Today, at Herd Provisions, we ensure the continued life of this foraging breed by showcasing what we believe is the finest beef raised humanely, finished on grass.