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HERD Provisions is launching a Meat CSA program based out of Leaping Waters Farm in Alleghany, VA. We’ve been operating a successful Meat CSA program in Virginia for ten years, we're now able to feed the people of Charleston SC, providing responsibly-raised, high-quality and delicious meats at a reasonable price. 

HERD Meat CSA operates slightly differently than other CSA’s in which you might have participated previously. Instead of giving out a “grab bag” of random items, we offer either an even variety of portioned meat, or take e-mail requests from customers and use requests to guide the selections that go into specific bags--as best as we can. Customers might request ground beef for grilling burgers, a specific type of sausage for Frogmore Stew, or even a fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving feast.

At Leaping Waters Farm we have more than 800 acres on which we raise ample livestock, from hogs to chickens to our beautiful Ancient White Park Cattle. The goal of HERD Provisions Meat CSA is to provide both chefs and home cooks with the best meats that money can buy.

With our CSA program, home cooks are ensured high quality meat for their families, receive a substantial portion of meat biweekly, and also get the chance to try unfamiliar cuts they might not purchase otherwise.

Owner and farmer Alec Bradford and his wife Sarah founded Leaping Waters Farm with dreams of living a good life and feeding good food to their children. Years later, they have fulfilled both dreams and now have a new one: providing good, healthy food to everyone they can.

A typical HERD Meat CSA bag looks something like one of these:

1 lb. bacon
1 lb. Italian Sausage
1 lb. ground beef
1 lb. ground pork
2 lb. Sirloin steak
2.5 lb. chicken quarters

1 lb.  bacon
1 lb.  garlic bratwurst
1 lb.  ground beef
2 lb.  Bavette Steak
2.5 lb.  beef short ribs
1 lb.  beef marrow bones

Recipes and cooking tips are available and frequently included in your pick-up. We understand that you might not know how to prepare every cut of meat in the world, so we make it fun and easy by showing you the way. We offer beef, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, and eggs. 

HERD Meat CSA costs $550 when paid in-full prior to your first delivery. You may also pay in 2 installments for $280 a piece, and there is a pay as you go option for $60 per delivery that can be automatically charged to your card as well.

HERD Meat CSA operates on a "rolling basis," meaning that once you sign up for your CSA share, you will begin receiving a delivery of meat every other Wednesday, for 10 deliveries. There is no official start date to the CSA, nor is there an official end date




Kindly fill out the form below and submit payment either via PayPal, a check by mail or use our subscription payment option at the bottom of this page.
Once we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with specific information about the date and time of your first pickup.

If you would prefer to print and fill out a form by hand, please scroll to the bottom of this page. 

Full Share: $550 for 10 deliveries if paid up front or $560 if paid in 2 installments

Pay As You Go: $60 every two weeks. Use our secure online payment option at the bottom of this page. 

PayPal: please submit payment to
Please note there is a 3% processing fee if paying via PayPal

Mail: make payable to Herd Provisions and mail check to:
Herd Provisions
1420 Avenue B
Charleston, SC 29412


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